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Get your results in less than 30 minutes

In fact...  15 min

Werther you have insurance or not, we have a test for you. Safe, fast and convenient testing for Covid-19  for everyone in  San Diego CA. Book a test in your nearest centre in less than 2 minutes.

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Who is this for?

If you...

Are presenting symptoms or suspect you may have Covid 19 and need to know fast.

Are planning to travel and you will need to present test results upon arrival.

You need to keep your loved ones safe.

You have a high risk job, and need to get tested regularly.

If any of these cases relates, this test is for you.

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But, I don't have insurance...

Your test is on Us. We want to make a change for those who really need it. If you don't have insurance, or you are using Medical,  we have a test for you too.

Do you know someone Homeless

They're not excluded, they deserve to be healthy as everyone else. That's why we believe that to make a difference, there must be no difference to whom we serve.

If you know someone without home, invite him/her to com to any of our locations and get tested for free.

Customs approval

Negative Tested results for Covid-19 are becoming a must in major countries for allowing you to enter.

PCR Test it’s best for:



The reliability of our Rapid test cassettes (Swabs) is a great tool to stop uncertainty and take action quickly.


No other equipment is required, decisions can be taken fast and time saved, cause sometimes it makes all the difference.

A fast, reliable and convenient solution. Worth your peace of mind and the safety those who matter.


Get your results after getting tested in just 15 minutes straight into your inbox.

No Insurance?


Some restrictions may apply please call 619-799-5598 for more information.

How does it work?

Schedule it

Book your test choosing your closet WetestU location, choose date and pay.

Get Assesed

Confirm your status by responding a quick form with 10 yes/no questions.

Get Tested

At the date you have scheduled, simply show up to the location and our team of healthcare professionals will take the sample.

Check your Inbox

In 30 minutes or less you will receive an email with your official results. 

WetestU is CLIA certified by the CMS (Centers of Medicare & Medicaid Services) to execute Covid-19 tests.

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Choose your closest location

Are you ready?

Let's Book It

$100 and schedule and get tested fast, with zero hassle.

If currently you have no insurance, some restrictions may apply please call 619-799-5598 for more information.