Frequently asked questions

How accurate are your tests and are they FDA approved?

Yes, clinically approved by the FDA, the PCR tests have an 97% Accuracy: The reliability of our tests is a great tool to stop uncertainty and take action quickly. No other equipment is required, decisions can be taken fast and time saved, because sometimes it makes all the difference.

How does it work?

Schedule it: Book your test choosing your closet WetestU location, choose date and pay. Get Assessed: Confirm your current status with a short form responding 10 yes/no questions. Get tested: At the date and time scheduled simply show up to the location and our team of healthcare professionals will take the samples. Check your Inbox: In 30 minutes or less you’ll receive an email with the official results. These are official and non editable format, following the CMS protocols.

What If I don't have insurance?

Our Fee is $99.00. with or without insurance.

Is the test reimbursable through my insurance?

We provide you with an invoice so you can request a reimbursement. Please contact your insurance company for more info as this is always changing. While rapid and mobile covid testing is an out-of-pocket cost, we strongly urge our patients to seek reimbursement by their insurance companies by forwarding the order invoice that includes diagnosis code & CPT test codes

Can your tests get me approved for travel?

Yes! As long as you're doing the correct test, RT-PCR NAAT testing is required for international travel Come to our location or we come to you and get it done! We offer immediate testing to get you on a flight or 48 hour testing. Look at our services tab to see what best.

Do I need an appoitment

Yes and No For our storefront in mission valley you DO NOT need an appoitment. Drive right up and get tested. Our wait time is usually less than 5 minutes For a mobile appoitment you will need an appoitment

What is a RT-PCR test?

A RT-PCR diagnostic test can show if you have an active coronavirus infection and will determine whether you need to take steps to quarantine or isolate yourself from others. RT-PCR tests detect the virus’ genetic material and are considered the gold standard for COVID-19 testing and travel

Is the test painful?

No, the test will not hurt! Our test kits are validated for anterior mid-nasal collection, which means that the swab is inserted less than one inch into the nostril. This collection process is much more comfortable than the nasopharyngeal collection used in most hospitals and public testing locations.

Can I test my children?

Yes, absolutely. We have Registered Nurses and CMAs on site, who can keep your child accompanied while you are tested, and parents can remain in the testing area or with your child to comfort them while they are being tested. To help prepare your child for their testing experience, we recommend you provide them with an explanation on why they are getting tested and share with them the following information. Our friendly staff will be wearing masks and face shields to keep people safe and are there to help. Explain that our RN/CMA will rub the inside of their nose with a cotton swab and that it may tickle a little and be uncomfortable, but it will not hurt them.

Does your test allow me to travel to Hawaii?

We are not on the list that Hawaii provides for traveling. We can send you anywhere else in the world though!

What is the difference between RT-PCR and Rapid Antigen Test

RT-PCR is required for travel vs a FDA approved antigen test is best used to know if COVID-19 is active in your system.

Can you send me to Japan

Yes! We're approved for Japan

Does your test provide a QR code?

Yes, please specify you need this done and we will happily provide this for you